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In a groundbreaking stride, the Dubai-based NoCode metaverse studio, Cobox, has successfully unveiled a real estate metaverse Proof of Concept (POC) that attracted a substantial investment of 1.2 million USD. This noteworthy funding, presented in the form of company shares and tokens, emanates from a consortium of real estate titans and influential angel investors.

Cobox Metaverse Nocode Studio has propelled itself forward within the metaverse landscape by introducing a user-friendly platform. This platform empowers individuals to effortlessly craft their own real estate metaverse experiences through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This innovative methodology eradicates the technical impediments typically associated with virtual reality experiences, thereby rendering it accessible to a broader demographic.

The strategic investment from major entities within the real estate sector not only validates the potential inherent in Cobox’s real estate metaverse POC but also marks a pivotal stride towards ubiquitous market adoption. The support garnered from these industry leaders is anticipated to play a pivotal role in steering Cobox towards robust business development and enterprise expansion, as they contribute their wealth of expertise and extensive networks to the venture.

Adaa, holding the distinguished global director position at Cobox, expressed unwavering confidence in the strategic collaborations forged through this funding, affirming, “This investment serves as a robust endorsement of our vision to redefine the real estate landscape through the metaverse. The synergies developed with these industry stalwarts position us to spearhead the seamless integration of metaverse experiences within the real estate sector.”

Cobox’s triumphant funding round not only injects indispensable capital into their operational coffers but also swings open the gates to prospective collaborations and partnerships within the real estate ecosystem. The company is poised to leverage this backing to elevate product development and scale operations, all while maintaining a clear vision of leading the forefront in crafting immersive and avant-garde metaverse experiences for users on a global scale.

The convergence of real estate and the metaverse continues to captivate the attention of both tech enthusiasts and industry magnates. As Cobox pioneers this domain with its accessible and innovative approach, the reverberations on the future landscape of real estate experiences are undeniably poised to be profound.

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