(CORRECTION: RSIC / Runes are two different projects – RSICs are rumored to be started by Casey but not confirmed as of yet)

Imran and Qiao sat down to discuss the current hot topics such as Solana Congestion, Bitcoin Runes, Echo, and Ethena.
No BS crypto insight for founders.


00:00 Intro
00:39 Welcome to Good Game
01:12: Qiao Tried to Ape In To Some Runes
01:26 What Are Runes?
02:55 How Do You Receive RSICs?
04:00 Do RSICs Come with a JPEG?
06:12 What Runes and RSICs?
07:20 Other BTC L2s That Want to Offer Support For Runes
08:07 When Will BTC L2s Launch?
09:26 Design Trade-offs For Runes
12:47 Runes Competing With Bitcoin L2s?
14:30 Who are the Runes Accounts on Twitter?
16:56 How Runes Will Play Out Alongside Bitcoin L2s
21:07 Game of Blocks (GOB)
23:11 The Bitcoin Renaissance
26:24 Qiao Shares A Funny Story
32:22 Critiques From Our Last Episode
33:49 Solana Congestion
40:02 Are We Biased Towards Solana?
43:23 Crypto Startup Stories: Fig Investments
46:00 Ethena
56:16 Echo by Cobie
01:05:22 The ETA for The Solana Patch

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