Zora — NFT minting platform that recently debuted its own Ethereum Layer 2 scaling network for minting economic artwork on-chain — Digging deeper into the world of NFT art by gathering unrivaled support high seas.

By shaking hands with OpenSea, Zora magnifies the modern evolution of the art world by enabling its digital artworks to traverse the digital auction floors of one of the world’s most vibrant secondary markets.

Behind the scenes of this blockchain synergy, OpenSea unlocks new capabilities to create NFTs in a single bundle, enabling a smoother transition with lower transaction fees and an improved user experience.

Zora’s Artmint Age

Zora opened its platform in 2020 and focused primarily on musicians selling NFTs tied to tangible assets. The platform then moved to Optimism’s Layer 2 protocol on June 25, 2023, allowing NFT marketplaces to merge multiple transactions into one to minimize data processing load. . All of this was made possible after his $50 million funding round from Haun Ventures.

By freeing up space, the platform reduces transaction fees by 25% compared to Ethereum and maximizes user convenience, resulting in a number of well-known platforms such as Thirdweb, Sound.xyz, Rainbow Wallet, etc. It’s pulling you on-chain.

The platform’s ability to attract notable projects speaks volumes about its potential and influence in the Web3 space. With ambitious plans to create a DAO for Open Access, Zola is poised to remain an influential figure in the world of NFT art.

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