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zkLink Announces First “Dunkirk Test” to Establish New DeFi Safety Standard

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Singapore, Singapore, May 3, 2023, Chainwire

zkLink, a multi-chain transaction middleware powered by zero-knowledge proofs, will launch the first “Dunkirk test,” a new DeFi safety standard, on May 11-13. During this event, zkLink will shut down its servers for 72 hours and invite users to try out the Emergency Asset Recovery feature and earn rewards for participating in the test.

“The Dunkirk test is like a fire drill for cryptocurrency users. It simulates a sudden shutdown of the zkLink infrastructure so that users can learn how to recover their assets,” said zkLink’s Co-Founder Vince Yang said. “We believe the ‘Dunkirk Test’ will set a new benchmark for the safety of the crypto industry. We recommend conducting the same tests on protocols to prove self-custody of user funds.”

The Dunkirk shutdown period will begin at 12pm Singapore time on May 11th. In the meantime, users can move to the recovery node and withdraw their assets to their wallets.

ZKEX.com, one of zkLink’s ecosystem dApps, will also participate in the shutdown test.

To participate in the Dunkirk event, users must first participate in the campaign on Galxe.com and then trade on the ZKEX.com testnet using free test tokens until May 10th, the day before the shutdown. I have.

“The ZKEX team is building the most secure omnichain DEX in the industry. “This means that even if zkLink goes down or ZKEX.com disappears, cryptocurrency traders can always take ownership and control of their assets.” Think of it as a fake rug pull with a happy ending that gives you the reassurance of having it.”

In addition to 14 partners hosting recovery nodes, zkLink’s open source asset recovery app has been released on Github, allowing anyone to download and run a private recovery node for fund withdrawal.

The zkLink mainnet launch is scheduled for summer 2023, immediately after the Dunkirk test.

For more information on the Dunkirk Asset Recovery Test, please visit: zk.link/Dunkirk

About zkLink

zkLink is a zk-SARKS-secured multi-chain trading infrastructure that powers next-generation decentralized trading products such as orderbook DEXs, NFT marketplaces, and more.

By connecting various L1 blockchains and L2 networks, zkLink’s integrated multi-purpose ZK-Rollup middleware allows developers and traders to leverage aggregated assets and liquidity from various chains for seamless multi-chain Providing a trading experience to help contribute to a more accessible and efficient DeFi. An ecosystem for all.

About the “Dunkirk Test”

Inspired by the historic evacuation of Dunkirk’s beaches, the zkLink Dunkirk Test is committed to increasing user confidence in zkLink system security and promoting adoption of the Dunkirk Test as the industry standard for absolute money security. serve one important purpose.

This initial test shuts down the zkLink protocol for 3 days and allows users to recover assets from a hosted or self-hosted recovery node. Asset balances are reconstructed from all connected blockchains and returned to the user’s wallet, giving users the peace of mind that their funds are truly self-managed.

Many partners have committed to running recovery nodes for users during the Dunkirk shutdown period. For example, Alliance DAO, Ascensive Assets, BitEye, Bware Labs, CyberConnect, Kepler-428 DAO, Meria, Morningstar Ventures, Republic Crypto, Secure3, Smrti Labs, TokenInsight, Unipass, and Verilog.

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