Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano announced On February 18, the Bored Ape Kennel Club announced that it would change its logo following a copyright claim against the company related to images from Easy Drawing Guides, a company that teaches drawing.

Below is the BAKC logo next to the Easy Drawing Guides image to show the obvious similarities between the two. The BAKC logo is identical to the wolf skull in the Easy Drawing Guide, commenting Solano:[I] I saw a claim about the BAKC logo today. This is news to us and we are still investigating the situation. “

BAYKC logo
BAKC OpenSea profile
drawing of a wolf skull
Source: Easy Drawing Guide

February 17 Easy Drawing Guide Declared Yuga Labsdrawing of a wolf skull” Commercially available.

“Yuga Lab does not have a license to draw wolf skulls. The intellectual property rights of the drawings belong to Easy Drawing Guides, they are our original drawings and are protected by our Terms of Use.”

Following Solano’s statement, BAYC OpenSea profile has already removed the logo. He is reportedly in touch with the Easy Drawing Guides and the artist who created the BAKC logo.

BAKC NFTs are launch In June 2021, it will be made available to BAYC owners free of charge, minus gas charges. According to Yuga Labs, royalties collected through secondary market sales were subsequently designated animal charities. Solano confirmed this position, stating that “BAKC has raised over $1 million for animal charities,” from royalties since its inception.

Solano appears to shift some of the responsibility for the logo to the contractor hired to design it, stating that it “reached out to the freelancers it hired for its design.” I got

At press time, BAKC is number 4 on OpenSea’s top trending list, with a volume of 3,185 ETH over the last 24 hours. Additionally, the lowest project price soared to its highest level since January 12, rising to 9 ETH.

BAKC floor price
BAKC Floor Price (Source: OpenSea)

At this stage, it is unknown what the new logo will look like. However, Solano repeated:[…] With our new logo debuting soon, we can keep up the good work for causes we care about. ”

This is not the first copyright battle centered on Yuga Labs, most recently with Ryder Ripps and RR developers over the use of BAYC images in the RR/BAYC collection.

The RR/BAYC collection was designed to highlight the racist imagery within Yuga Labs designs. Lehman, the smart developer of his RR/BAYC project who coded his contract, said, “I reject all of his derogatory remarks about Yuga Labs and its founders, and their aggressive approach to the NFT field.” Thank you for your great contribution,” and settled the lawsuit.

However, the lawsuit against Ryder Ripps is still ongoing.

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