WSB Coin, the official memecoin of the Wall Street Bets subreddit, surged in value by more than 200% in the last 24 hours after the team members behind Ragpull offered a refund option.

Zjz.eth Said He was looking for a refund mechanism that would allow him to return the stolen funds. This can be claimed by anyone who purchased tokens before the May 4th dump. He urged all developers who could get a deal to contact him.

Zjz.eth added that the original deployer, WSBMod, used the giant airdrop he claimed to secretly drain funds and sell many tokens. According to him, this is why he was willing to set up a pool for WSBMod for free, which he claimed he had no quota for.

The revelation added to the many controversies surrounding the WSB coin after Zjz.eth and other members who originally controlled Multisig withdrew the memecoin and sold the token for 334 ETH (approximately $640,000).

Funds have been returned to multsig and others managed by ZachXBT.

On the other hand, WSBMod rejected Zjz.ETH claims that the airdrop target address was not his and that he did not profit from the token.

All funds were later sent back multisig Managed by WSBMod and two crypto influencers, ZachXBT and Loopify.

Community after refund voted The value is restored by using the remaining ETH recovered to buy back all WSB.

Due to this, WSB coin rose to $0.0003411 before returning to the current $0.00022010 level. According to Coingecko, trading volume in the last 24 hours has exceeded $40 million. data.

On the other hand, WSBMod further announced memecoin plans to assemble a new team that includes former Wall Street Bets moderator and community manager Aurelian. WSBMod added that multisig remains unchanged.

WSBMod said the team will work for free and the community will vote on future rewards for team members.

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