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Wrigley Brings ‘Juicy’ to NFTs and the Metaverse

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American multinational chewing gum company, Wrigleyplans to enter Web3 through NFTs and its own metaverse. This is due to a new patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on March 24.

dubbing “Juicy Verse” The patent outlines the company’s intent to utilize Web3 technology to provide fans with access to digital collectibles that can be owned, traded, and used in virtual environments.

The patent covers three main areas that Wrigley intends to exploit in these NFTs. The first is the issuance of non-fungible tokens. “Images of artwork, apparel, confectionery, candy and snacks” It also includes NFT-backed media such as downloadable audio and video recordings.

Additionally, there are plans to issue virtual and physical candies backed by NFTs, and “Non-Downloadable Crypto Harvesting Software” It can be used to upload, modify, share and view your digital collection.

The company is also keen on launching the Metaverse, which goes by that name. “Juicy Verse” where “Users may interact for recreational, artistic, leisure, or entertainment purposes.”

Wrigley joins many food companies pursuing NFT initiatives

Wrigley’s foray into Web3 came less than a year after parent company Mars filed an NFT-related patent.Snickers. ” The patent sought control over the issuance of brand-related non-fungible tokens, virtual snacks and drinks, and software for authenticating, transmitting, and storing virtual assets.

It’s also following in the footsteps of other food companies, such as Kraft Foods, which filed a patent for a Weinermobile NFT in the shape of a hot dog last October. Like many other companies in the industry that have applied for patents of this kind, the goal is to issue non-fungible tokens related to products that can be utilized in virtual environments.

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