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Wow Bao Cooks Up a Fresh NFT Loyalty Program

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After six months in the Metaverse realm at a virtual restaurant, an Asian street food giant, Wow Baois greedy for the new Web3 initiative, launching a points-based rewards program Loyalty system backed by NFT.

Wow Bao’s latest Web3 venture will allow the company’s food fans to purchase unique, irreplaceable collectibles called “CollectaBaos”. Whip up by NFT artist Manover Mars (MoM), these digital assets can be minted for the first year at $99. Buyers get a membership to Wow Boa’s newly created Loyalty Initiative, which offers 10% off perks, free meals and merchandise.

Wow Bao’s NFT Loyalty Program Creates a Recipe for Success

The launch of this forward-thinking NFT Club is the result of a recent partnership between Wow Bao and Web3 ordering partners. devoursell assets on the marketplace, Devour GO. Additionally, NFTs integrated into the reward system will: Paytronics. This world-class software provider enhances the on-chain customer experience for both retail brands and convenience stores.

Wow Bao’s NFT Mint, called “Course”, will continue to have additional perks. Going forward, there will be special events, cooking classes, a personal meet-and-greet with his CEO of Wow Bao, Jeff His Alexander, early access to original (and delicious) bread flavors, and more.

Additionally, the company wants to continue avoiding the terms “Web3” and “NFT” in order to attract a wider audience. For this reason, no buzzwords are used in communicating with customers, and no cryptocurrency wallet is required to purchase CollectaBao.

This NFT loyalty program represents an exciting milestone for Wow Bao and sets the paradigm for the restaurant industry in this digital age. Starbucks Odyssey But no.

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