seed phraseThe DJ making sounds in the world of NFT music has proudly declared that it is affiliated with a renowned talent agency WME. When he’s off deck, he acts as Daniel Maegard and has earned accolades for his innovative blend of sound and use of blockchain technology.

Following the remix in partnership with WME, Seedphrase is looking to turn the tables on the music industry, orchestrating a unique symphony of original sounds across the fields of art, music and fashion. WME his team can help him develop such connections.

Other plans include fresh product collections and engaging community projects, but remain secret for now.

Synchronization of music and NFT artwork

Maegaard is known for owning and utilizing CryptoPunk #8348, known as the rarest punk in the 10,000 NFT collection. This asset has 7 hard-to-find traits, and the other punks in the batch display 0-6 of these visual traits.

Throughout his illustrious career, Seedphrase has been on stage as a DJ at numerous events, wearing a helmet resembling his pixelated avatar, and performing alongside other Web3 enthusiasts and musical talents such as Steve Aoki and Diplo. I’ve caused trouble with some people.

Interestingly, Seedphrase isn’t the only musician leveraging PFP NFTs to create their own persona and connect with the broader blockchain community. Steve Aoki and Justin “3LAU” Blau have also utilized CryptoPunks avatars for the duo “Punx”, allowing them to release their punk-featuring single “Concentrate” through NFT music rights platform Royal.

Renowned hip-hop producer Timbaland also operates a record label centered around Bored Ape Yacht Club, following virtual band Kingship signed to Universal Music Group.

As the music industry continues to innovate, the melody of creativity and technology continues to harmonize, especially through NFTs, demonstrating new ways music and personal branding can synergize in the Web3 realm.

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