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BitMEX co-founder and former CEO Arthur Hayes said: was suggested Bitcoin could become the currency of choice in the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence.

and Recent blog posts Entitled “Massa,” Hayes believes that AI and robotics will help eliminate less desirable tasks in human work, allowing more people to focus on their passions and creating new opportunities for art and culture. Discussed the future that could bring about the arrival of the Renaissance.

Future AI Adoption and Bitcoin.

Hayes acknowledged that there are dreaded questions about AI’s potential to overshadow human capabilities. as he pointed out,

“Since the first computers appeared during World War II, scientists and philosophers have debated how thinking machines have evolved and their impact on the human experience.”

He sees recent advances in computing power showing that we are on the cusp of a major shift, with AI spreading rapidly and poised to change the course of humanity.

As an example of AI’s rapid adoption, he points out to readers that ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users in just two months, making it “the fastest-adopted technology in human history.” bottom. He suggested that this provides a glimpse of how the integration of AI into everyday life can rapidly change social norms.

Regarding the potential impact of AI on the cryptocurrency industry, Hayes suggested that, as a businessman, he believes the increasing adoption of AI is a double-edged sword. He is drawn to AI because of its great impact on the future and subsequent values ​​of mankind. But he is also cautious, believing the initial investment in new technological advances is generally too high.


Anticipating the upcoming “AI mania,” Hayes plans to use his deep understanding of the cryptocurrency industry to identify intersections with evolving developments in AI. He aims to explore this interaction in his three essays series, the first of which, “Massa,” argues that Bitcoin will be the currency of choice for his AI.

Hayes visualized a scenario in which advanced systems such as poetry-composing AI would need a secure blockchain-based digital payment system like Bitcoin to conduct transactions. According to Hayes, Bitcoin effectively maintains energy purchasing power over the long term.

Will AI Eat Bitcoin?

Arthur Hayes then explored AI’s basic needs and its “food sources” in a section titled “AI Must Eat”, drawing a comparison between AI and Bitcoin, the latter being ideal for AI operations. I suggested that it is a popular “currency”.

According to Hayes, AI needs two key ingredients for its existence and thriving: data to learn from and strong computational power.

This data has to be hosted somewhere, so the computer has to consume power. Additionally, AI requires robust computer networks to process and learn from this data, which also requires power. He has simplified AI’s food source down to semiconductors and power, noting that NVIDIA’s GPU chips play a key role in his AI development, which is driving NVIDIA’s success.

Hayes also drew a fascinating thread connecting AI, Bitcoin and electricity. He likened the profitability of AI, and thus his entire AI existence, to the ability to produce more output than energy consumption. AI is similar to humans in this regard, and humans must also generate enough value to cover food and fuel. However, the “currency” that AI accepts as its output must maintain purchasing power in kilowatt-hours. Hayes argued that Bitcoin, as energy money, is the perfect choice.

He further analyzes the origins and values ​​of gold, fiat currency, and bitcoin, evaluating each based on scarcity, digital censorship resistance, and energy purchasing power, suggesting that a purely digital, censorship-resistant bitcoin could be used by any AI. concluded that it was a logical currency choice for , apparently scarce and inherently related to the cost of electricity.

According to Hayes, the adoption of bitcoin by AI systems could potentially lead to a significant increase in value if the cryptocurrency begins to be utilized by AI, which could lead to the overlap of two different maniacs. I have. In other words, it is a maniac who wants to escape from inflation within legal tender. A frenzy to own a part of the financial system and the next stage of human-computer evolution. He believes this could cause investors to overpay for growth, causing the value of the Bitcoin network to skyrocket.

Look to the future.

This is more speculative than concrete prediction, but Hayes stresses that the biggest gains come when market prices adjust from “never” to “maybe.” bottom. This suggests that it could be a contingency to prepare for the idea that AI will adopt Bitcoin and then its value will skyrocket.

Hayes acknowledged that the exact future of AI and human civilization cannot be predicted, but his observations and hypotheses point to potential future scenarios.

His exploration of the symbiosis of AI and Bitcoin invites us to think about the synergies and evolutionary potential of these two revolutionary technologies.

The first article in this AI essay series can be found at: Hayes Substack Blog.

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