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Web 3 & AI Professionals Choose Dubai as New Home, But Why?

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The broad spectrum of future technology is evolving fast. Lightning fast. As future
tech companies have started to demand more from the cities they call home,
investors also began to find themselves on an exhilarating journey. Seeking
unparalleled opportunities that align with forward-thinking companies that promise
not just returns, but the chance to be part of a revolution where growth knows no
However, future tech companies require regulation that evolves with technological
adoptions, low taxes to allow for pivoting and fast changes, and access to the best
talent pools. Bridging this gap between regulation and advancements in Web 3 and
AI, allow future tech companies to build on adaptive regulatory frameworks and give
the chance for new tech to evolve. In addition, the friendly tax structures further
enable this rapid adjustment that not only makes possible but also encourages the
idea of investing in the future.
These are all things that Dubai stands for, an environment that is open to change
with world class infrastructure and a safe environment for growth. Not to mention, a
lifestyle to be desired. 
With several government initiatives pushing forward future tech, Dubai has become
one of the top 10 cities worldwide to run a Web 3 and AI company. And the evidence
points to this: most future tech companies are either thinking about having Dubai as
a second home or have already moved to make Dubai their first home.

This is where METAVSUMMIT Dubai continues to deliver value to future tech
companies in the Crypto, Metaverse & AI industry by providing a platform for high
caliber businesses and investments in the Crypto, Metaverse and AI communities.
METAVSUMMIT is the largest Web 3 event in the region, set to take place in Dubai,
UAE, from January 10-11, 2024. 
METAVSUMMIT has consistently been a beacon for attracting the most active
investors, industry thought leaders, and major strategic partners, including Fortune
500 companies from around the globe. Last year the event saw over 1700
attendees, delegates and partners at the Ritz Carlton, located in the Financial Heart
of Dubai.
We are excited to announce our 6th annual event hosted once again in Dubai’s
International Finance Centre district.
Event Highlights:
Date: January 10-11, 2024
Location: Dubai International Finance Centre

Attendees: 3000 physical participants, including Founders and CEOs of Web
3 companies & startups.
Focus: Identifying the next “Unicorn” company in the rapidly evolving Web
3.0 & AI landscape.
The event offers a unique opportunity for attendees to network, participate in
workshops, and engage in training sessions, gaining insights into the latest products
and services within the Web 3.0 & AI space.
METAVSUMMIT stands at the forefront of the Web 3.0 industry, bringing together
investors, thought leaders, and major strategic partners to explore, invest, and shape
the future of technology. With a legacy of innovation, METAVSUMMIT is committed
to providing a dynamic platform for collaboration and growth.
Email: info@metavsummit.com
Website: www.metavsummit.com

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