Telecom giant Vodafone Germany has announced plans to launch a series of Cardano-based non-fungible tokens. June 28th.

Vodafone plans to release NFT

A representative on the company’s Discord channel said:

“Yes, we plan to release an NFT collection this year and would like to utilize the Cardano chain for that.”

A representative said that Vodafone Germany chose the Cardano (ADA) blockchain for “community, sustainability, [and] Possibility of cross-chain. ”

The representative said Vodafone’s plans are still in the early stages. He said the company has yet to decide what utility or benefits the token will bring, but the first 1,000 members of the Discord community will receive the reward.

He also said that while the project is currently limited to Vodafone Germany, the company is looking for ways to involve members of the international community. The representative added that there is no “whitelist” to restrict access.

Representatives warned the public not to click on airdrop links, meaning that tokens believed to be associated with the project are fraudulent.

Rumors about Vodafone’s plans surfaced early on June 27when the company’s Twitter account was linked to its Discord server in anticipation of the announcement.

NFT plan presents opportunities for NMKR

Vodafone is the 9th largest telecommunications company in the world. The company brought in $52.2 billion in revenue in 2020, according to its annual report from the same year.

The project is therefore a notable adoption case and an opportunity for members of the cryptocurrency industry. Patrick Tobler, founder and CEO of NFT creation platform NMKR, commented on the news: June 28th.he confirmed that crypto slate His company will be directly responsible for the casting of NFTs in Vodafone’s collection.

crypto slate We have also contacted IOHK, the official developer of Cardano, to see if they are involved in the project. IOHK did not respond by press time.

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