After almost three weeks of fun, the party may be over. Those who could not attend carnival in venice You can experience it virtually and collect digital souvenirs along the way. This is thanks to our partnership with Venice Carnival and Ready Player Me. Ready Player Me is a platform that allows visitors to create full-body 3D avatars by taking selfies and using them in the metaverse.

This partnership is part of the Venice Virtual Carnival initiative, which allows visitors to create a digital identity or avatar and experience historic events in the metaverse. Attendees can dress up as their avatar and join the party, so it doesn’t matter where in the world they are.

Participants can therefore expect to dress their avatars in iconic costumes from the Venetian tradition, such as Colombina and Arlecchino. Or available in Premium Gold version. Once the visitor has finished dressing up their avatar, they can move to any compatible metaverse. Ready Player Me, thus bringing the magic of the Venetian Carnival everywhere. Note that this collaboration is similar to Carnival’s partnership with Roblox, where visitors can dress up their digital avatars in masks and show them off in the Metaverse.

Attendees can purchase a range of accessories at the official Venice Carnival shop

However, participants Official shop Buy Venice Carnival digital products and put on your avatar. These range from skins and masks to special special Arlecchino to Colombina bundles and are available indefinitely for those looking to spice up their Web3 identity.

Additionally, visitors can snap holographic cards of original signature masks to collect digital carnival souvenirs. Holograms are printed with the latest technology, allowing buyers to see the magic of an immersive Metaverse experience through physical keepsakes. These holographic cards can be purchased online or at the Venice Tourist Information and Reception Office.

Venice Carnival Partners with Ready Player Me to Enter the Metaverse

Carnival of Venice held annually to celebrate the cultural heritage of Venice. The event creates a magical atmosphere in Venice as participants parade through the streets in traditional costumes, celebrating freedom of expression and creativity. Now, thanks to the Venice Virtual His Carnival, everyone in the world can participate in this magical event all year round.

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