vaneck CEO multi-year bull cycle bitcoin
  • Jan van Eck sees Bitcoin bull market for years to come.
  • He explained why in a recent interview with CNBC.
  • Bitcoin is already up 70% since the beginning of the year.

VanEck Associates CEO Jan van Eck says it’s never too late to invest in Bitcoin as long as you’re a long-term investor. BTC is already up 70% year-to-date.

Bitcoin Gains As Fed Begins Easing

It’s an interesting call. US regulator It has been hitting the crypto market hard in the last few weeks.

But Jan van Eck is confident that the US Federal Reserve will soon be. End the tightening cycleUltimately, the central bank will have to start cutting rates, he added.

We are at the very beginning of what could be years [bull] Circulate with Bitcoin. All speculation is off. If you want to put this in your portfolio as a hedge, it’s readily available.

Jan van Eck sees a similar bullish cycle for gold.

Bitcoin supply set to halve next year

total supply half Historically, it then raises its price in the months to come.

According to Jan van Eck, recent bank failures are also working in BTC’s a recent interview with CNBChe added:

I call Bitcoin my 8 year old kid. Very early in adoption. A great many institutional investors and central banks are not really involved. It is possible in the next few years.

BTC price spike on Wednesday 1.5K Bitcoin Shorts blow out.

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