In response to this allegation, NYDFS clarified that its decision to foreclose on Signature Bank was unrelated to its involvement in the cryptocurrency industry. Instead, moves were made to address concerns about risk management.

Nonetheless, multiple enforcement actions have been filed, including the SEC suing Coinbase and most recently the CFTC accusing Binance of operating an illegal exchange.

Anthony Pompliano recently described Operation Chokepoint 2.0 as a program that enforces political ideology without complying with relevant laws and due process. The process of debanking can effectively marginalize an entire industry.

AI – Will a Pandora’s Box be created?

ChatGPT’s productivity-enhancing features have received a lot of attention and interest lately. Its diverse applications across multiple industries are hailed as a significant technological advancement.

however, 1,000 AI Insiders — including experts and researchers — recently joined forces to call for a moratorium on its development. raised concerns that it could lead to

“In recent months, AI labs have been caught in an uncontrollable race to develop and deploy powerful digital minds that no one, not even their creators, can understand, predict, or reliably control.”

Novogratz Contrasting The US government has said it has turned things “totally upside down” with the ongoing cryptocurrency war.

“When I think about AI, I am shocked that they talk a lot about regulating cryptocurrencies and nothing about regulating AI. increase.”

According to Galaxy Digital’s CEO, AI technology raises serious concerns about creating convincing deep fakes.

Novogratz therefore sees an opportunity for cryptocurrencies and blockchains to combat deep fakes by providing an immutable verification solution.

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