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Upland and Decentraland are bringing the Brazilian Carnival to the Metaverse

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Brazil’s Carnival, one of the world’s most spectacular festivals, debuts in the Metaverse in a partnership between two industry leaders, Decentraland and Upland. This year’s Carnival runs from his February 17th to 25th, and thousands of Metaverse visitors around the world will have the chance to see highlights from venues in Salvador, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The line between the virtual world and the real world is blurring more and more

This is an important milestone in the history of Web3 as it brings us closer to the reality that the virtual and physical worlds will become interoperable. Following the partnership, Upland co-CEO and co-founder Dirk Lueth commented:This is an early example of a future in which interoperability between worlds and the metaverse enriches users’ digital lives. Major cultural moments like Carnival are big events of opportunity to continue exploring this inevitable future.

As a metaverse platform mapped to the real world, Upland Users can create unique experiences inspired by physical locations such as San Francisco and New York. For example, you can build a shop or become a digital landowner. This important feature will be central to the upcoming Brazilian Carnival premiere, as Upland has added various festival locations to the map.

Ney Neto, Upland’s Latin America Region Leader, said:Carnival has no boundaries, and neither does the Metaverse. Upland recently released an API to solidify its position as a metaverse superapp. This allows users, brands and partners to build experiences on top of Upland maps. For Web3 builders and enthusiasts, this collaboration between Upland and Decentraland points the way forward.


What’s in it for Metaverse visitors?

you can Click here for the Carnival AgendaThe Brazilian Carnival metaverse presentation includes shows at famous Salvadoran street carnivals, schools and parties across Brazil.

Upland will also put on a show for Mangueira, the country’s most famous samba school. During the presentation, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase carnival costumes. The Mangueira district of Rio de Janeiro is placed on the Upland map.

Carnival’s Metaverse guests can experience a behind-the-scenes experience with members of the school at a three-dimensional replica of Mangueira’s Samba Sanctuary, including the Queen of the Drums session. This experience tells guests about the history of the school and immerses them in an environment where they can enjoy their first taste of playing samba with an avatar.

There will also be live broadcasts. One of them is Float Car Fissura’s live show in Salvador with band Filhos de Jorge and DJ his DH8 and Clara Cady. During these shows, Miles, the mascot of the Upland metaverse, accompanies his party-goers to Carnival, also known as “folios.”

Decentraland hosts carnival party with influencers

famous metaverse Decentraland will hold a party exclusive to Carnival in Brazil. Guests can dance with their avatar, dress up in carnival costumes, and try out newly released emojis inspired by samba movements.

Mangueira will set up a special venue in Decentraland where guests will be able to see the 20 title photos won by the famous samba school. Digital her influencers such as Nina Verso and Tang Poko attend the Decentraland Carnival party and spend time with visitors at the Dollhouse party venue.

About Upland

Silicon Valley-based Web3 company Upland maps real-world locations into the metaverse. This enables communities to create immersive experiences, benefit from embedded economy incentives, and provide value to other participants. The Upland app iOSAndroid, and the web.

The company also has offices in Las Vegas, Ukraine, and Brazil, was named Fast Company’s “Next Big Thing in Tech” for 2021, and was named one of Built In SF’s “22 San Francisco Startups To Watch in 2022.” I was. Upland is committed to being carbon negative. Read more about Upland’s commitment to sustainability here.

About Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain where users can purchase digital real estate as NFTs. Decentraland’s economy revolves around its own currency, his MANA. The company has been open to the public since his February 2020 and is overseen by his non-profit Decentraland Foundation.

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