The United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UN-IGF) Secretariat approved Establishment of a dynamic coalition aimed at developing blockchain standards for applications in various fields, including public services and emerging technologies such as AI.

of Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Assurance and Standardization is supported and hosted by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). The UN Joint Staff Pension Fund Chief Information Officer Dino Cataldo de la Accio and GBA Executive Director Gérard Dash will jointly lead the fund.

This coalition will primarily develop general and industry-specific blockchain standards for AI. communication infrastructure. supply chain; digital identity; economic development and investment. Environmental management. It also includes public services such as voting, healthcare, and education.

The group has already started working on piloting blockchain standards, Blockchain maturity model Serves as a “roadmap” for organizations looking to “develop trustworthy blockchain solutions”.

This model also serves as a litmus test paper for blockchain systems to ensure that they meet industry best practices and are not just “hyped prototypes” that do not offer a real solution.

We also have a blockchain pilot underway that looks at how the technology can be used to improve blockchain. vote and credit union.

The coalition will work on areas throughout the year and publish the results of various pilot programs to promote the use of blockchain technology and ensure these systems are “high quality and interoperable.” increase.

The group will also submit proposals for workshops and panel discussions at the UN-IGF Annual Meeting.

An article was first published on CryptoSlate about the post-UN giving the go-ahead to a dynamic coalition on blockchain assurance and standardization to study emerging technologies.

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