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Ubisoft to Launch New Rabbids Avatar NFTs

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Ubisoft has launched its latest NFT collection for sale. 2,066 Rabbids Avatar NFTs Released in sandboxthe French video game giant is diving deep into Web3.

Each NFT is priced at 100 SAND, equating to around $78 at the time of writing. Since 2023 is the year of the Rabbit, the rabbit avatar is Chinese New Year themed.

Avatars come in a variety of designs and will be available to purchasers this Friday. The sandbox will then launch the Rabbids game world on his February 28th, offering an exclusive play experience.

Rabbids avatars are described in The Sandbox as “keys to future utility”, including access to potential future drops.

Sandbox added Rabbids characters to the NFT Institute last summer and released all NFTs and accessories about Rabbids. However, this is the first time Rabbids avatars can be purchased for use in the game, so it marks a major step forward by the gaming giant.

Ubisoft – Legacy giant at the forefront of Web3 innovation

Ubisoft was one of the first major video game publishers to turn its attention to Web3 and has made some moves with NFTs.

In 2018, the French gaming giant developed a prototype of a Minecraft-inspired NFT game called HashCraft, but the project was eventually shelved.

It also supported NFT game projects such as Axie Infinity and Nine Chronicles, and invested in metaverse investment firm Animoca Brands and game maker Horizon.

Ubisoft has released a Tezos-based NFT for the PC version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This tied assets to existing traditional video games that didn’t have NFT functionality at launch. “Quartz” NFTs allow users to collect and trade their own weapons and gear for squad-based shooters.


However, among gamers who were against NFTs due to fraud in the cryptocurrency industry, high prices, and what some gamers saw as another way for Ubisoft to lure players into spending money. , the launch was controversial.

This feedback will temporarily end this gaming experience, but the company says it will use the Quartz platform for future games.

Ubisoft leads the way

Ubisoft is stepping up its commitment to innovation for Web3, despite negative feedback from gamers when they first stepped into the space. The company now has plans to offer more advanced his Web3 and NFT products.

It remains unclear what the Rabbids avatar NFTs will offer, but the possibilities for in-game NFTs are interesting. Some long-time Ubisoft gamers may be hesitant to move to Web3 or NFTs because they fear it’s just a ruse to increase their spending.

Overall, Ubisoft’s foray into Web3 and NFT seems like a promising development for the company and the gaming industry as a whole.

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