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Trump NFT sales volume soars 461% following indictment

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Despite a grand jury indictment on March 30, sales of former President Donald Trump’s NFT collection increased 461% to $185,783 in the past 24 hours.

According to CryptoSlam, the NFT collection was involved in 183 sales transactions in the last 24 hours. data.

On the other hand, OpenSea data Indicated Digital assets recorded 459 sales, which fell by 41% to 244 ETH during the reporting period.

According to crypto data aggregator CoinGecko, that sales volume increase was positively reflected in the lowest prices in the collection. datathe Trump NFT price floor rose 16% to 0.568 ETH (around $1,019).

NFT market cap also increased by 16% to 25,560 ETH, or $45.88 million.

Trump’s NFTs enjoyed a great year as interest in assets increased as the year progressed. In 2023, the lowest price for the collection has increased from his record low of 0.145 ETH on January 6th to 0.675 on February 13th.

President Trump NFT
Trump NFT Floor Price (Source: CoinGecko)

Trump responds to indictment

Trump lashed out at news of the indictments, call He added that this was “political persecution” and that he would not get a fair trial in New York.

In a lengthy statement posted on Trus Social, Trump said Added:

“This is an attack on our country like it has never been seen before. It is also a continuing attack on what was once free and fair elections. It is a country in a period of rapid decline. Very sad!”

Trump became the first US president to commit criminal acts indicted After a grand jury voted to indict Stormy Daniels for hush money payments made to him during the 2016 election.

Guardian report March 31, the former president is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday for arraignment. The report added that he would be fingerprinted, photographed and processed for arrest.

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