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TON Releases On-Chain Messaging Feature

Open Network (TON) announced the release of its on-chain cryptographic messaging capabilities on Monday, July 3rd.

The new feature will allow private messages to be sent between TON users, according to a tweet from the network’s developer, the TON Foundation.

TON is a blockchain network forked from code created by social media giant Telegram. Telegram said he left the project in 2020 and was taken over by the TON Foundation before the mainnet launch.

According to the TON Foundation, the TON blockchain offers greater scalability and transaction throughput than other options in the Web3 ecosystem. The foundation also added that TON is still a decentralized blockchain.

Blockchain allows users to send messages in transactions. However, messages were previously fully public. A new on-chain encryption feature allows users to encrypt their messages end-to-end and only the recipient can read them.

while commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, TON core developer Anatoly Makosov said the new feature will allow for ā€œpersonalizationā€ of transactions. Makosov said:

ā€œWhenever we sent TONCoins, JetTons, or NFTs with TON, we were able to include texts such as ‘Have a coffee’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ to the recipient, thereby personalizing the interaction.Now this popular feature [ā€¦] Available with full encryption. ā€

TON can serve as a reliable way to communicate privately

Makosov noted that TON could serve as a reliable and secure means of private communication in the event of an apocalypse rendering traditional messenger servers useless.

Web3 users enjoy encrypted messages with various retail wallet apps such as MyTonWallet, OpenMask and TON Wallet. The TON Foundation said the feature will soon be added to the mobile wallet Tonkeeper.

This latest development comes a few weeks after the TON Foundation. launched a $25 million accelerator For emerging projects. Called the TON Accelerator Program, this program provides funding, mentorship, and other resources to help build projects in the TON ecosystem.

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