February 24, 2023, The Legendary NFT Collection,Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory‘ and the Monaverse, debuts the new “Final Frontier” collaboration at NFT Paris. A brand new space-themed metaverse, backed by an amazing array of non-fungible tokens.

Final Frontier details

One of the notable aspects of this project is that it features concepts from past collections and heavily influences the theme of space exploration. Many of the images released so far show other planets and even space stations. Needless to say, Mona and Sachs are trying to give their fans the most immersive experience possible.

Attendees will receive access to 3D creation tools, world-building opportunities, and an ID card with an NFC chip that will give them a front row seat to Sach’s world. All of this is as striking as it is reminiscent of some of Sack’s previous work, most notably his NFT collection of Rockets and Mars His Rock.

These also featured the theme of space exploration and saw individual scenes and stages of otherworldly planets and spaceships. is provided to the general public.

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