Financial Advisors Bullish on Crypto Technology
  • Bitcoin rose today as well, even after news of signing banks was released late last week.
  • Financial advisor Douglas Boneparth remains bullish on blockchain.
  • Crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa shares his Bitcoin price outlook.

Bitcoin rose sharply on Monday even though the crypto industry lost both major banks in recent days.

Douglas Bornperth’s Work on Blockchain Technology

Late last week, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation signature bank and managed the deposit.

Still, renowned financial advisor Douglas Boneparth remains constructive about blockchain and decentralized finance in to CNBC This morning he said:

Most financial advisors like myself do not encourage their clients to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. But when it comes to crypto, I’m still bullish on technology.

Ethereum climbed to just under $1,700 today.

Here’s how Boneparth recommends it:

Remember, Signature Bank news arrived days later than its peers. Silvergate Capital Corporation He said he would cut back operations and liquidate banks.

Still, Boneparth does not recommend abandoning the entire crypto him CNBC In an interview he added:

The best thing most people can do is take the time to learn about technology and learn a little bit about how decentralized finance works.

Also on Monday, Crypto Analyst Altcoin Sherpa Said A significant break above $25,000 would establish $30,000 as Bitcoin’s next major target.

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