Several altcoins outperformed major cryptocurrencies throughout June as bitcoin surged amid a spate of spot bitcoin ETF applications by major institutional investors.

Stax (STX) posted a staggering 72.3% gain last week, followed by Pepe Coin (PEPE) and Conflux Network (CFX), which posted gains of 67.8% and 43.8% respectively. Meanwhile, Ordinals (ORD), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Cadena (KDA) also posted notable gains, ranging from 26.6% to 38.9%.

name symbol 7-day growth rate (%) 30-day growth rate (%)
Pepe Pepe 67.8 481.92
tall chain runes 19.48 81.52
stack STX 72.32 25.92
bitcoin cash BCHMore 36.32 23.89
maker dao MKRMore 19.21 21.72
ordinal number Oldy 38.9 -7.29
Neo Neo 18.8 -14.5
conflux network CFXMore 43.84 -17.51
Kadena KDAMore 26.62 -17.7

Over the past 30 days, PEPE has skyrocketed, recording a staggering 481.92% increase. RUNE, STX and BCH also performed well with increases of 81.5%, 25.9% and 23.9% respectively.

In both the 7-day and 30-day periods, PEPE and STX outperformed Bitcoin, while other coins such as CFX and KDA showed mixed results when comparing the two periods.

Bitcoin’s 7-day and 30-day performances were 21.1% and 12.7% respectively.

On June 21st, Bitcoin’s dominance reached its all-time high. annual high 50% – suggests weakness in altcoins. However, it recovered slightly to 49.5% after that as the market recovered.

The top 50 coins (excluding stablecoins) that have not doubled their digital profits in the last 7 days are LEO, TON, TRX, BNB, XRP, QNT, ATOM, LINK, and XMR.

The above mixed performance suggests strong investor sentiment towards specific altcoin projects, with only PEPE, RUNE, STX, MKR and BCH outperforming Bitcoin over the past 30 days.

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