A historic collaboration RMS Titanic, the team behind the popular exhibit of the 1912 shipwreck Titanic.Partnership with a Hong Kong-based NFT company artifact lab And Venture Smart Financial Holdings is bringing the physical relics of the iconic ship into the world of blockchain technology.Through NFTs, collectors and fans can own a piece of Titanic history independently and securely.

Artifact Labs plans to launch the Titanic DAO for future discoveries of 5,500 physical artifacts recovered from the ship, allowing members to participate in activities and initiatives around Titanic Artifacts. Both companies aim to leave the legacy of the Titanic in the hands of people around the world, with each NFT representing a physical artifact with a detailed description and provenance. The project is set to launch later this year, with an auction and sale on Artifact Labs’ platform. This groundbreaking initiative is just the beginning of what is possible for art and collectibles.

The Titanic has fascinated people for over a century. The ship’s story has been told in books, movies, and exhibitions, but is now immortalized on the blockchain through NFTs. I enjoy owning items such as salvaged gold pocket watches and leather suitcases with unusual labels. Each Artifact tells its own story about the Titanic, and each NFT offers the chance to own a piece of that story.

RMS Titanic, Artifact Labs and Venture Smart Financial Holdings move into the world of NFTs

The partnership comes at a time when Hong Kong is striving to establish itself as a cryptocurrency hub. The city recently released new details on regulations aimed at regulating the virtual asset industry, paving the way for further innovation and growth in the field. As a result, Hong Kong now attracts some of the industry’s leading companies, such as Artifact Labs and RMS Titanic.

The partnership between RMS Titanic, Artifact Labs and Venture Smart Financial Holdings highlights the growing importance of NFTs in art and collectibles. With the power to authenticate and protect intellectual property, her NFTs transform the way we perceive property and value. This project is your gateway to this thrilling new world of spatial possibilities.

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