After years of development, testing and building, sandbox is now almost ready for its next big breakthrough. This fall, the platform will enable LAND owners to develop their own custom experiences and bring everyone into their creations.

Going beyond curated experiences, The Sandbox has announced plans to open up the Metaverse to all LAND owners. In the very near future they will finally be able to publish their own voxelized experiences within the sandbox metaverse. Its promise of creating highly immersive environments with user-generated content as its backbone has been virtually fulfilled.

For now, users have access to The Sandbox’s own no-code game maker to build their own voxelized microcosms. Then, when he’s ready, he can link it to his privately owned LAND parcel while setting up a dedicated his web page that can be customized with images and videos.

Once up and running, LAND owners will have the option to request early access when full functionality is rolled out. Basically, he gives them the chance to be one of the first permanents in The Sandbox’s ever-evolving metaverse.

Sandbox marks another major milestone

Sandbox has made steady progress over the years while trying to revolutionize the open metaverse. What started as a series of LAND sales slowly evolved into a deeply immersive virtual empire. A series of alpha seasons over the past year and a half have allowed us to test its capabilities and demonstrate its true power. But now, with the addition of user-generated content, we have the opportunity to truly capitalize on the vibrant ideas coming from our community.

So, with the LAND price at an all-time low of 0.23 ETH, now is probably the best time to get involved and start building.

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