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The Bitcoin Cash Podcast #107: Eric Wall Orb Response Response

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In this special episode, Jett and I (Jeremy) discuss Eric Wall’s response to my Orb questions re: BCH/BTC/blocksize/Layer 2’s.
We break down what happened with the Orb, do a dramatic reading of Eric’s response, and analyze his answers.
The conversation with Eric seemed like an interesting one for the history books and important to document. Enjoy!

My twitter thread documenting Taproot Wizards’ cognitive dissonance: https://twitter.com/TheBCHPodcast/status/1670839312827531279
Eric’s response to my Orb questions: https://eric.orb.land/invocation/1
Ben Armstrong’s video on BCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Diu313Q4r4o
Presentation slides of this episode: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1CC5Wowpij_rnrzoqANWQnAtrnHUej99z/edit#slide=id.g1001e085589_0_4


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00:00 Podcast starts
08:20 Intro
10:30 Jett’s intro
12:50 Who is Eric Wall?
22:35 Eric’s Tungsten cubes
30:02 Eric’s Orb
47:20 Jeremy’s twitter thread
54:44 Lead in
1:05:02 My questions
1:07:53 Eric’s answer
1:41:24 My thoughts
1:57:12 Eric’s follow-up
2:04:43 Other commentary
2:16:55 Community comment of the week
2:19:00 Other crypto news
2:34:45 Message to the community
2:38:22 Podcast supporter appreciation
2:39:11 Shoutouts and outro
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