Chinese multinational conglomerate Tencent, headquartered in Shenzhen and owner of the all-popular WeChat app, held an event at Singapore’s Fullerton Hotel last week to showcase its ever-growing portfolio of Web3-based services and applications. It drew attention to the fact that

On February 22nd, the company announced Tencent Cloud’s Global Web3 Ecosystem Support Program. This is an initiative to promote the company’s foray into the blockchain industry.

Poshu Yeung, senior vice president of Tencent Cloud International, said of the initiative:

“At Tencent Cloud, we see the future in Web3, a new iteration of the Internet that ushers in the concept of ‘Immersive Convergence’, where the physical and digital economies meet and integrate. As more companies are keen to explore and adapt to an efficient and transparent digital future, we leverage our years of technical experience in gaming, audio and video We provide strong technical support for Web3 and are ready to cooperate with the industry. A partner in creating more immersive experiences and nurturing his Web3 ecosystem better. ”

One of the announced partnerships is with Ankr, a Web3 infrastructure provider that can jointly develop a suite of blockchain API services. The suite will be deployed on Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure, providing builders with a globally distributed decentralized network of remote procedure call nodes. This will allow developers to reliably and efficiently connect their Web3 projects, such as his Web3 games and his Web3 social applications, to most of the popular blockchains.

Tencent doubles down on blockchain

In addition, Tencent Cloud has signed memorandums of understanding with three other Web3 blockchain partners: Avalanche, Scroll and Sui. These collaborations aim to provide her Web3 builders with practical tools and solutions to better build on their respective blockchains.

  • avalanche is a smart contract platform, consensus protocol and subnet infrastructure developed by Ava Labs that enables Web3 developers to easily launch custom, highly scalable solutions. Tencent Cloud has set up a fully synchronized Avalanche full node. This allows developers to set up nodes efficiently and quickly. This collaboration aims to explore blockchain solutions for enterprise customers in traditional sectors.
  • scroll An open-source bytecode-level equivalent of zkEVM zk-Rollup for scaling Ethereum. Tencent Cloud cooperates with Scroll to establish the initial scaling solution foundation. Decentralization can be achieved. Tencent Cloud also provides cloud credit support to select builder teams in the Scroll community.
  • sui First developed by Mysten Labs, it is a layer 1 blockchain optimized for high-performance gaming. The collaboration between Tencent Cloud and Sui provides builders with effective cloud-based game development tools and dedicated support for optimizing on-chain gaming experiences. Web3 game developers using Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure can seamlessly run their games on the Sui network.

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