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  • Winkles & Flam™, ‘Cosplaying Canadian Kitties™’ Will Be First Original Cartoon Duo In Web3 Space To Launch Exclusively At OpenSea Drops
  • Sphynx Ink Inc. consists of Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Adam Benzine (HBO’s Specters of the Shoah) and BAFTA®-winning illustrator Dele Nuga (BBC’s The Clangers).
  • Winkles & Flam is a groundbreaking new model of non-PFP, non-generative digital collectible featuring high-quality hand-drawn illustrations and weekly/seasonal releases
  • The first project to partner with Mint Foundry, the new visual metadata editor from the team behind the acclaimed ‘No Code’ NFT service Mintplex Labs.

Canadian art collective Sphynx Ink Inc. partners with OpenSea’s exclusive ‘Drops’ platform to launch Winkles & Flam, groundbreaking digital collectible project showcasing web3 space’s first cartoon duo .

Created by Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Adam Benzin and BAFTA®-winning illustrator Dele Nougat, Winkles and Flamm (“Canadian Kitten Cosplay”) wear homemade video game-inspired costumes Adorable sibling sphinx cats wearing Featuring original hand-painted art that took a year to create, the project is radically different from his current NFT projects. It’s not a PFP (profile picture). It also doesn’t use any generated elements.

Winkles & Flam kicks off April 3 with weekly content drops instead of all at once, running for five seasons and featuring a set of hand-painted images mixed with free mints, fixed prices, and auction offerings. included. Each set is inspired by iconic video games and features his Winklepedia™, an educational element focused on the history of video games.

The Season Pass will be sold today (March 27th) exclusively through OpenSea Drops. Limited to 1,000 copies, buyers are guaranteed all 30 of his Season 1 cards.

Winkles & Flam is Mintplex Lab’s first major project using the state-of-the-art visual metadata editor Mint Foundry. It allows creators to edit and update information in real time without any coding knowledge.

Winkles & Flam creator Adam Benzine said:

“The market is fed up with low-quality rag-pull pump-and-dump and a vaguely conceived, cash-grabbing metaverse. A constant stream of trashy profile pictures keeps consumers away. It’s time for things.”

Winkles & Flam co-creator Dele Nuga adds: We believe Winkles & Flam will be the first of many projects to move to a character-based weekly release strategy that focuses on personality, storytelling and community. ”

Season 1 of Winkles & Flam kicks off on April 3rd and runs for 10 weeks, with Polygon releasing free mint cards (featuring Winkles) and fixed-price cards (featuring Flam) every week. The Winkles & Flam: Platinum Card (his unique 1-of-1 in which the two appear in playful scenarios together) will be auctioned daily on Ethereum.check out for more information.

(Note: Winkles is a pink kitten with blue eyes. Flam is a gray kitten with green eyes.)

About Sphinx, Inc.

Founded by Oscar® Nominee ADAM BENZINE and BAFTA® Winner DELE NUGA, Sphynx Ink Inc. is the Toronto-based art collective behind WINKLES & FLAM™, The Cosplaying Canadian Kitties™!


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