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Sora Ventures leads $1.5M funding round for Bitcoin Startup Lab

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San Francisco-based BTC pre-accelerator company Bitcoin Startup Lab has raised $1.5 million in a strategic funding round led by Sora Ventures. This brings the company’s valuation to $20 million.

Bitcoin Startup Lab

Bitcoin Startup Lab aims to accelerate Web3 development on the Bitcoin network by helping entrepreneurs build projects.

Up-and-coming innovators through our Startup Boot Camp program two-part A training program that goes through concepts such as idea validation and business model development.

Upon achieving the Part 1 milestones, the applicant can proceed to the next stage. This includes working in areas such as tokennomics design, building a social media presence, and applying for grants and funding.

of website Encouraging those who have the guts to advance Bitcoin’s Web3 future to apply, he wrote:

“If you believe you have the courage, intelligence, and determination, read on to learn more about the benefits of joining our community and completing our startup program.”

Bitcoin Web3

with developers Casey Rodermore With the rollout of the Ordinals protocol in January, Bitcoin has become a chain capable of doing more than just monetary transactions.

Since then, a wave of development has opened up innovations including NFTs and BRC-20 tokens, with plans to introduce staking functionality via the BRC-30 standard.

While this change has caused divisions within the community, Bitcoin Startup Lab envisions a sustainable BTC-based economy through these innovations.

Jason Fang, managing director and co-founder of Sora Ventures, said the impact of Bitcoin Web3 should not be taken lightly, and backed innovators. He said:

“There is no doubt that this is the start of something big and the team at Bitcoin Startup Lab is well positioned to build some of the best companies in the space.This is a rocket ship not to be missed!”

Bitcoin Startup Lab told CryptoSlate that the bootcamp program “provides a serious curriculum that equips founders with the skills to apply Bitcoin technology and market dominance.”

Additionally, the program offers mentorship and co-founder matching, including testing to determine team fit.

To register for the bootcamp, In session.

Disclaimer: sky Ventures is an investor in CryptoSlate.

An article about Sora Ventures leading a $1.5 million funding round for Bitcoin Startup Lab first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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