Despite the waning popularity of NFTs since the 2021 boom, Sony remains one of the most prominent players in the gaming industry and is currently market capitalization It is worth $109.1 billion and has so far remained cautious about whether to enter the NFT space.

NFT framework for transferring digital assets between devices

The company’s newly published patent — published by Sony Japan — explores the potential for how interoperability flows between different games in the ecosystem.

“The current system is technically inadequate for owners to use their assets across different games and platforms.”

“Thus, as further recognized herein, the functionality of the game is enhanced by allowing gamers and/or spectators to have exclusive use of assets and transfer that right to others via NFTs.” may be.”

The tech isn’t currently deployed, but Sony seems to be exploring how NFT tech can be used within the wider gaming ecosystem.

“Components included in one embodiment may be used in other embodiments in appropriate combinations. Any one may be combined, interchanged, or excluded from other embodiments.”

The patent also explicitly outlines how these NFTs will be enabled on all hardware, from virtual reality headsets to tablets, computers, mobile phones and consoles.

“The digital assets are then made available via NFT by the first end-user entity across multiple different computer simulations and/or multiple different computer simulation platforms.”

The patent also describes the possibility of creating certain video game progress (specific levels, scores, accumulation of points, etc.) and transferring or selling it via NFT. This allows the player to progress through gameplay.

All of this indicates that one of the world’s largest gaming companies is likely heading towards the more lucrative Web-3 business model.

Sony Web3 Push

Despite Sony’s latest patents, gamers looking to utilize NFTs to enhance gameplay and get a more personalized experience will need to exercise patience. It looks like they are exploring the possibility of consolidating, but it may be some time before a significant Web3 push is announced.

Nonetheless, with the increasing prominence of high-definition digital collections, skins, and other elements in massively multiplayer games, the Metaverse, and Web3 technology, most analysts see NFTs as more important in the future of gaming. I think it is very likely that they will play a role. .

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