A GitHub user named ynohtna92 We forked the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol to support Litecoin.

In the cryptocurrency context, a fork occurs when a blockchain protocol is split into two different versions, each running on its own separate network with a shared transaction history. A split may occur due to disagreements between the community of developers, miners, or users regarding the direction of blockchain development.

According to the source code of the Litecoin Ordinal fork reviewed by CryptoSlate, implementing the fork required some tweaks to the ordinal scheme (sat count).

The changes required included minor changes to our main dependency, rust-bitcoin, to allow it to decode and encode Litecoin addresses.

As a result of these changes, ynohtna92 It also issued Litecoin Ordinal, one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the world. In line with the recent Litecoin MWEB upgrade, ynohtna92 stamped mimble wimble. white paper To the first Litecoin Ordinal known as Inscription 0.


A post about someone forking a Bitcoin ordinal NFT onto the Litecoin network first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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