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Solana CEO deems ChatGPT as revolutionary as ‘Windows and the computer mouse’

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Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder and CEO of Solana Labs, discusses the company’s recent focus on artificial intelligence and Chat GPT. May 23rd.

Yakovenko says AI has made big changes

During the discussion, Yakovenko said:

“I think the natural language interface enabled by ChatGPT is interesting and cool. It’s as big a change as it was when Microsoft Windows and the computer mouse were first introduced.”

He said developers building consumer apps should consider how their applications can be made available via AI. He also suggested that cryptocurrency APIs are ideal for interacting with AI, especially since they are programmable compared to centralized finance.

Yakovenko highlighted Solana’s existing ChatGPT plugin, which allows users and developers to retrieve on-chain data about accounts and NFT collections.

These features have been announced before, but Yakovenko suggested that Solana users will eventually be able to execute transactions from the “ChatGPT loop.” This seems to mean that users can conduct transactions from within the chatbot itself.

Solana Offers $10M in AI Grants

Solana was also announced On May 23, the company increased its AI-focused grant program to $10 million. The fund, which was launched in April, had an initial holding of just $1 million.

The grant program, which has already received 50 applications, aims to encourage developers to explore new uses for AI related to Solana.

The Solana Foundation has also launched a three-month accelerator program for universities. Finally, the project has his two AI-powered services, an Ask Solana U chatbot and a code testing tool called Solana Audits AI.

CryptoSlate first published an article saying that Solana CEO considers ChatGPT to be as revolutionary as “Windows and the computer mouse.”

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