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Solana aims to grow 100x through small business, infrastructure partnerships

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Solana co-founder Roj Gokal said: May 29th In an interview with TechCrunch, he said his company aims to grow 10-100x primarily through small business and infrastructure partnerships.

Solana focuses on small businesses

Gokar said in an interview:

“[Solana wants partners] Not a really big guy with an established view of what you want, but someone who can move, push releases, experiment, and measure every week. ”

He criticized the willingness of large companies to move on to new initiatives, even if the results of the partnership were not successful.

He highlighted a partnership with San Francisco-based cafe chain Boba Guys, which has begun considering a loyalty program built on Solana. in April. Gokal said cafe chains could potentially use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or other tokens to drive sales.

Gokal also said Solana is looking for independent developers. He said the company has invested in hackathons, with the most recent one attracting 800 submissions, establishing a “hacker house” and attracting more than 17,000 developers.

Solana also focuses on infrastructure

Gokal said Solana is also pursuing infrastructure partnerships.Collaborate on projects Use Google Cloud This allows users to deploy Solana nodes and allows Google Cloud to act as a Solana validator.

He also suggested that Solana would be interested in partnering with Stripe. He noted that Stripe introduced a fiat-to-cryptocurrency transition in December 2022, and said the majority of Stripe-supported apps are based on Solana.

In his interview, Gokal also emphasized that Solana aims to become the “Apple” of cryptocurrencies. In addition to his focus on UX and performance in a similar fashion to tech giants, Solana produces a smartphone called Saga. This again provides a good infrastructure for 3rd party projects.

In a separate discussion on May 23, Solana Labs co-founder and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko said that Solana is working on ChatGPT and AI features.

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