Starting with a firm commitment to its announced €2 billion investment strategy, Siemens has embarked on an important journey towards realizing the potential of the industrial metaverse. As part of this initiative, the company will invest around EUR 1 billion in strengthening Germany’s innovation capacity, significantly accelerating technological progress in the country’s industrial metaverse.

A virtual realm that reflects real-world industrial operations, the Industrial Metaverse is making waves in the modern tech landscape. It provides a photorealistic, physics-based, real-time representation of real-world manufacturing processes to create digital twins of factories and equipment. The industrial metaverse uses the integration of AI and real-time physical data to enable more sustainable, adaptive and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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A global R&D hub for the industrial metaverse

This commitment to this emerging field was recently demonstrated when the company announced plans to open a new technology campus in Erlangen, Germany, in the presence of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

We plan to invest about 500 million euros in siemens is expanding its development and manufacturing capabilities at this site. The aim is to transform Erlangen into a global R&D hub and serve as the center of global technological activity for the industrial metaverse. This strategic initiative will drive Siemens’ growth, drive innovation and strengthen resilience.

Investing in the Future of Advanced Manufacturing

The investments announced by Siemens form part of a broader global investment strategy announced last month, primarily to expand manufacturing capacity, establish an innovation lab, create an education center and expand the number of Siemens locations around the world. Focus on further enhancements. This strategy underscores Siemens’ loyalty to Greater Nuremberg.

Around 3,500 employees currently work at the Erlangen site. Here you will find world-class factories producing critical industrial automation and digitization products. Erlangen’s manufacturing processes are already highly automated, with human and robotic forces working together. Through this recent investment, Siemens aims to create a blueprint for the industrial metaverse and lay the foundation for a sustainable, market-flexible high-tech manufacturing future.

A digital leap towards sustainable manufacturing

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: “This investment is a strong signal that Germany is a hub for innovation and production. A good example of how we are moving towards a strong industrial country with good jobs available.”

Roland Busch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG, reaffirmed the company’s commitment. “Siemens looks forward to innovation in Germany and is embarking on the next phase of digitalization. We are laying the groundwork for the industrial metaverse in Greater Nuremberg.” Here on our new campus, we combine the physical and digital worlds. “

With the Technology Campus to be built west of Erlangen, Siemens continues to confidently step into the future of the industrial metaverse, shaping the next phase of high-tech manufacturing and setting new standards for sustainable industry practices.

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