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Should you trade Metacade in May, even as Binance comes under pressure?

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  • Metacade Corrects After Claiming Highs Above $0.045

  • Token could benefit from increased listing and market events faced by Binance

  • MCADE May Be a Buy As Support Zone Develops Around $0.026

Metacade is now entering an exciting stage that will make a big difference. After major listings on Uniswap, BitMart and MEXC, it is available to a large number of investors.

But even after listing on these exchanges, the arcade platform’s token has slowed. Is this a good buying opportunity or should investors stay away?

Binance on US probe to evade sanctions on Russia

The crypto market may be staring at a red light again. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is under investigation by the US Department of Justice for possible overthrow of sanctions against Russia.

According to reports, US regulators want to know if Binance helped Russian customers transfer money and overcome sanctions.

The Binance investigation could be monumental for cryptocurrencies if US authorities find the exchange guilty of cheating. As has happened in the past, as a major exchange, increased scrutiny could cause market fear and potentially cause withdrawal of funds.

Another potential impact is clients migrating to decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. This happened in November 2022 when his FTX collapsed and saw huge inflows to DEX. Whether these two possibilities always occur is highly speculative. But one thing is certain when it happens. Tokens listed on DEXs like Metacade will benefit from the investor shift.

What is Metacade and what makes it unique?

Metacade is a Web 3.0 community hub where gamers, developers and crypto enthusiasts can work together. The platform wants to be the largest community-maintained gameFi arcade. Investors can earn in a variety of ways including Create2Earn, Compete2Earn and Work2Earn. You can also stake your native tokens to generate revenue.

Since its launch, Metacade has witnessed strong investor interest during the presale period. Thanks to its robust monetization mechanism, Metacade is committed to becoming a leader in the exponentially growing Web 3.0 space. The platform aims to be a thriving ecosystem of communities. As such, we are working on initiatives such as Metagrants to support new projects and applications. Platform launchpads, game testing, and advertising are also expected to make Metacade a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Metacade price more than doubled after listing on the exchange

Due to Metacade’s uniqueness, the token presale sold out quickly. Currently, the token is in the exchange listing stage and has successfully debuted on Uniswap, BitMart, and MEXC Global.

As analysts predicted, MCADE’s price rose exponentially on the list. At the beginning of May, the price crossed $0.045. The price of the token at the final pre-sale stage was $0.0.020, meaning it has more than doubled in value.

Prices have now cooled, allowing investors to buy before the exchange listing continues. Let’s take a look at the price action at the current level.

MCADE – Potential Opportunities in May?

As mentioned above, MCADE is in the process of being fixed. This is what usually happens with all tokens or financial instruments after a prolonged uptrend. Investors know, however, that corrections offer a chance to buy assets at lower prices and ride an uptrend at a lower risk-return ratio.

Metacade has made these fixes. Claiming higher highs and higher lows each time. This means that the token is still trending upwards and corrections can be buying opportunities.

For example, looking at current prices, MCADE has held its level for the past three days. This means that potential support is developing around $0.026. If this level holds up, it could be the perfect zone to buy MCADE in May. Considering the token is already tradable on three exchanges, trading volumes are likely to increase and MCADE to hit new highs.

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