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A Serbian lawyer helped Terra fugitive Do Kwon set up a dummy company after global authorities served notice of his arrest.

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The disgraced Terraform Labs co-founder was arrested in Montenegro on March 23 after months of evading authorities following the implosion of the Terra ecosystem. Investors are estimated to have lost $40 billion.

Terra UST de-pegging took place in May 2022, September 2022 South Korean authorities issued an arrest warrant for violating financial laws.

Interpol says “red notification” for his capture a week later. The red notice calls on law enforcement agencies around the world to find and provisionally arrest the perpetrators.

Dokwon was known to be in Singapore at the time, but appeared to have fled the city-state when the notice was issued. This sparked speculation as to where he fled.

Recent rumors have revealed his whereabouts to be Serbia, which borders Montenegro to the southwest.

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After Dokwon’s arrest, DeFi Rama News I have obtained documents showing that the company was set up with the help of a Serbian lawyer.

The document was dated October 12, 2022, three weeks after Interpol issued the red notice. Although the document is written in Serbian, it clearly shows that Dogwon made no attempt to disguise his identity.

Fat Mantera He denounced the move, saying that “corrupt Serbian lawyers” had helped him.establish a new paper companyCalling for abuses of his power, he added that “the system is tortuous” for the wealthy.

At every level, Do systematically abuses power and steals money in every possible way. ”

Both US and South Korean authorities are seeking extradition to their respective shores. but, do not have The country has a direct extradition treaty with Montenegro.

Nevertheless, Montenegro is a member of the Council of Europe and South Korea has multilateral treaties and European extradition treaties.

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