Up-and-coming NFT and Metaverse developers, Sensoriuminvites all game lovers on an enchanting journey through virtual realms. Ahead of the ecosystem is a significant batch of free Sensorium NFTs.

The SENSO DAPP NFT, minted on the Polygon blockchain, is preparing for an exhilarating voyage. The 10,000 AI-powered avatars will serve as the backbone for the fascinating and innovative journeys that lie ahead, bringing interest and thrills, strengthening user bonds within the growing Metaverse ecosystem.

Additionally, these assets unlock a number of exclusive perks that go beyond Sensorium. Ranked based on their rarity traits, all ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Premium’ assets are enhanced with different utility by the pioneering AI ‘Breed’ feature. Holders can tweak their NFTs to honor their assets as collectibles, or treat them the way they deserve, as precious prized treasures for gameplay. Change skins, hair, clothes and accessories to prepare for victory!

The Force Behind Sensorium NFTs

SENSO DAPP NFT has reached yet another remarkable moment for the virtual hub following a series of achievements such as revamping its tokennomics, introducing the decentralized platform Sensorium Arc, and joining the advisory board of the former CEO of OKX.

Now, through the issuance of free NFTs, Sensorium is innovating the way we interact with virtual reality, creating bridges where the digital and physical worlds collide to explore, connect, and transcend the imagination. All a player needs to do is hold at least 1500 SENSO tokens in her offline wallet before July 11th.

Buy and Collect SENSO Tokens sensorium-free NFT take part in a thrilling adventure With more than 200,000 members, it’s a haven for realizing limitless dreams and possibilities of the imagination.

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