• Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is currently being remanded to Fox Hill Prison in the Bahamas.
  • A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday after signing the handover papers.
  • Officials plan to fly the SBF to the US shortly after Wednesday’s hearing.

FTX founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has finally accepted extradition to the United States. Fox of the Bahamas, who is currently being held at Hill Prison, has signed extradition papers, according to ABC News reports.

It is not clear why SBF agreed to extradition, but there are reports that he is seeking bail in the United States after a Bahamian judge denied him bail on the grounds of a flight risk.

An extradition hearing is scheduled for Wednesday in Nassau, and progress has already been confirmed by Acting Commissioner of Corrections for the Bahamas Doan Clear. The commissioner said the SBF would sign another set of documents to finalize its waiver of its right to fight extradition.

Scheduled for Wednesday in the US

On Wednesday, Bahamas officials are scheduled to escort SBF from Fox Hill prison to court, after which U.S. officials will take over after hearings.

Federal officials expect to send Sam Bankman-Fried back to the U.S. shortly after Wednesday’s hearing. will be accompanied by the Bahamas to the United States.

A plane that will carry the SBF will depart from a civilian airport in the Bahamas, according to sources familiar with the development.

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