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XBorg is a gaming protocol and sister company of Swissborg. announced A strategic partnership with one of the fastest growing esports organizations in the world, Team BDSthe current world champion for Rocket League.

This collaboration aims to create innovative esports projects that combine gaming and blockchain technology to reinvent everyone’s role in the esports ecosystem. This partnership also includes working with Metaverse projects such as The Sandbox and Avatarz to deliver unique experiences for Metaverse players and fans.

This partnership represents an important step in the evolution of esports as it aims to bring web3 closer to the rapidly growing esports industry. Blockchain opens the door to revolutionize the way players, fans, and esports organizations interact and engage through the implementation of NFTs, token-gated content and experiences, and on-chain data.

Xborg CEO Louis Regis said:

“This collaboration demonstrates Team BDS’ commitment to being a pioneer in the industry and focus on the fans who are the cornerstone of the esports industry.”

TeamBDS bills themselves as “the fastest growing esports organization in the world” and, in addition to their recent success in Rocket League, league of legends, FIFA23, and rainbow 6 siege, supports messages.Organizations earn more than $3 million Since 2019, 93% of esports winnings have come from Rainbow 6 Siege and Rocket League.

Team BDS Managing Director Jocelyn Roux commented:

“Always at the forefront of digital innovation[…] Team BDS decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Web3. This partnership will provide Team BDS with a new perspective, bringing the club to virtual space releases and unprecedented experiences. ”

Fans can sign up My BDS According to the newly launched website, the community will receive a “free virtual collection” and be able to “participate in the ultimate experience for video game fans.” Fans will soon be able to experience the first esports arena. sandbox Create a metaverse and create digital avatars to support TeamBDS. Avatars.

The convergence of blockchain and esports seems a natural fit as both industries tend to attract early adopters of digital technology. However, given public resistance to adding his NFTs to traditional games, we appreciate the community’s reaction to the news that a major esports organization is partnering with a blockchain project to increase fan engagement. It is important to

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