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Terept Co., Ltd.Web 3.0 start-up today announced the launch of its ground-breaking pioneer Web PC platform. Terept CityIt allows participants to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) generated by their own AI called X-Native. A novel and accessible AI Web that combines a state-of-the-art AI Generated Content (AIGC) image generation model, rigorously fine-tuned using a vast image database, with an intuitive game-like user interface Deliver the 3.0 experience to participants. of all levels. Telept City makes it easy to create NFTs with minimal effort and cost.

What is Telept City?

Imagine users can generate NFTs through an AI-powered platform just like they play a text adventure game. Telept City’s multiple-choice options are presented in an attractive and easy-to-navigate manner. After logging into Telept City via your Metamask wallet, you will be presented with an interface reminiscent of trivia games. The questions are designed to tap into the user’s thoughts about their own self-image through a gamified approach and help the user create the NFT of her they desire. An AI can interpret the answer and generate a user-defined image, which can finally be encrypted as his NFT in the X-Native Collection.

Telept City – PC webpage, sci-fi universe style. Terept City

What is the X-Native Collection?

The series of NFTs created by Telept’s AI exclusively for Telept City users is known as X-Native (officially called “Telept City: X-Native” in OpenSea). The concept of the X-Native project is based on benchmarking the visual version of the Ethereum Name Service. The X-native collection is an ever-expanding library of NFTs created using Telept AI. In addition to owning historic NFT art and ETH-worthy assets, the main benefits of owning X-Native are: Its social importance and exclusive privilege. It includes AI NFTs and X-Native Mystery Boxes and has a dedicated IP on Ethereum.

X-Native’s NFT Beta

X-Native Mystery Boxes Beta

As Rika Li, CEO of Telept believes that the value of NFTs goes beyond mere monetary value and has the potential to create great social value. “Decentralization of NFT production is the trend. We are taking the first steps to shape a new way of shaping identity and personality expression using AI and NFT technology, while providing an unprecedented way for people to experience industry change.” Rika Lee says. Telept hopes to see more application scenarios for NFTs as the effort required to create them is reduced.

Telept City – PC web page, text adventure style NFT generation process Terept City

Telept City: A New Era of Powerful Digital Asset Creation

The NFT market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, and AI is poised to take this trend to new heights. In today’s digital landscape, these interactions are often costly, intimidating, and have high barriers to entry. Telept City is a platform that leverages AI to automate his NFT creation process, allowing anyone to create their own NFT of her. The platform uses a series of semi-customized text inputs in the form of selected words or phrases to generate images in a wide range of styles. In the next version, users will be able to actively participate in creating their own NFT of her by simply entering a simple text. Telept City’s goal is to democratize the process of creating NFTs, allowing individuals to express themselves creatively using her AI technology. This represents a major step forward towards a more decentralized and equitable digital future for the industry.

Thinking more about Telept City

Telept represents a revolutionary approach to NFTs that combines both blockchain and AI technology to enable new forms of digital ownership and social interaction. The team will continue to work toward their goal of empowering individuals, organizations, and communities by giving them greater control over their data, on-chain identities, and social potential.

Can’t wait to open up a world of endless possibilities with AIGC NFTs? Create an AI NFT and become a member X native. For more information, see: Telept City website.

About Terept

Telept is an all-in-one Socialfi mobile DApp under the brand of Stealth Startup. The company has a number of products across various categories with breakthrough technology. Telept makes it easy to build and launch Web3 projects from news feeds, groups, projects, and more.



CMO, Renee B., Telept Inc., [email protected]

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