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  • Punk Domains partners with Flare to power domain extensions.

  • The newly launched domain extensions are .SGB (Songbird Domains) and .FLR (

  • This means that users can use their Web3 domains as social media handles.

Punk Domains Partners with Flair

Web3 Domain Name Protocol Punk Domains Partners with Flare Blockchain to Register Thousands of Newly Launched Domain Extensions .SGB (Songbird Domains) and .FLR ( Monday, July 3 announced that it has reached

In a press release shared with Coinjournal, the team said domains could represent an individual’s username, profile and identity in the burgeoning Web3 world.

This latest development allows users to use web3 domains as social media handles, attach data, and simplify the process of sending tokens using domains instead of long strings of alphanumeric characters. increase.

Following this latest development, Punk Domains said it plans to integrate the domain into the Bifrost wallet. This will allow Flare users to mint domains and transfer funds in an easier way.

Flare Time Series Oracle Integrates into Punk Domain

The team also revealed that Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) will also be integrated to ensure fixed domain pricing regardless of SGB and FLR price deviations.

while commenting on this latest cryptocurrency newsPunk Domains co-founders Techie.flr and Tekr.flr said:

“When we launched the protocol on Songbird, the community welcomed us with warmth and great excitement. Their support touched us deeply and we will continue to create more tools in this ecosystem I look forward to seeing what the future holds as we continue to develop Flare and Songbird.”

Before the .SGB and .FLR were released, Punk Domains created a number of domain services, including .smol for the Arbitrum-based Smolverse and the .klima domain alongside klimaDAO.

Punk Domains also created SGB Chat, an open source decentralized social network based on Songbird. The network supported a wide range of her DeFi tools allowing users to access token swaps and other her DeFi features without leaving the platform.

Flare is making great strides despite the bear market. May, Flare’s API Portal Released on Google Cloud Marketplace. This means that developers can use his Google Cloud Marketplace to access blockchain data from his Flare nodes and Connected Chain nodes, perform simple blockchain transactions, and read the latest state. means

Punk Domains is a non-authoritative decentralized domain name service that runs on multiple blockchains. The Web3 venture will allow users to register a domain name that acts as a human-readable label for an individual’s username, profile, and address on the blockchain that represents their identity.

Flare, on the other hand, is a blockchain for data and the only Layer 1 focused on providing developers with decentralized, large-scale information. Because Flare is EVM-based and the data acquisition protocol is built into the blockchain rather than on it, Flare can provide cheap and scalable access to more types of high-quality data.

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