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Privacy-focused blockchain Namada plans airdrop to Osmosis’ OSMO holders

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  • Privacy-focused blockchain Namada developers are looking to build a close relationship with the Osmosis protocol.
  • Namada will airdrop the planned NAM tokens to OSMO investors.
  • Namada also aims to deploy methods to protect the privacy of assets on Osmosis.

Christopher Goes, co-founder of Namada, a L1 multi-chain privacy-focused blockchain, has proposed a partnership with Cosmos-based Osmosis.

The collaboration between Namada and Osmosis in this capacity is aimed at enriching their respective ecosystems and bringing more benefits especially to $OSMO token holders, stakers and LP’ers who are eligible for the upcoming Namada airdrop. is. According to Goes, the L1 blockchain platform is interested in allocating ongoing public goods funding to a grant pool managed by the Osmosis Grants Program.

Goes hopes Osmosis will pitch the idea, considering Namada will fund the effort.

Protecting asset privacy with Osmosis

Namada also plans to roll out “Shield Actions” to protect asset privacy on Osmosis. “Shielded Actions” hide Namada assets when not used for trading on Osmosis.

Explaining how shielded actions work, Goes says:

“It would be very boring if we only had assets and could not do anything with them. I look forward to it.”

Airdrop of tokens to OSMO holders

Namada’s Switzerland-based non-profit Anoma Foundation will also reserve a portion of Namada’s staking token NAM for airdrops to OSMO holders. However, this will be done after Namada goes live.

Namada is waiting for feedback from the Osmosis community and has yet to reveal an exact schedule. Goes emphasized that he is waiting for community input and permission to proceed with this proposal. This proposal he will be subject to the OSMO governance vote.

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