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BOUNTYKINDS is a Web3 Metaverse game currently in development and will be released in alpha testing on Binance Chain in April of this year, with beta testing soon after.

Thanks to the efforts of the development team, BOUNTYKINDS will be available on mainnet for all alpha test ticket holders, allowing more players to participate in the testing phase.To commemorate this, BOUNTYKINDS Second public sale As a love letter to the community that has supported the project from the early stages. This public sale will begin on March 23, 2023 (9:00 AM UTC) and will last for almost a week until March 29, 2023 (9:00 AM UTC). We sell exclusive packages consisting of his NFTs of specially upgraded characters and weapons. Those who purchase his NFT during this special sale and join us at the start of the official alpha test will receive special early rewards, energy token perks and more. release.


BOUNTYKINDS was conceived by a team of players who believe the current state of play-to-earn blockchain gaming could be improved. I smashed to get a variety of characters and weapons until I wanted to immerse myself in the game’s engaging open-world environment.

The games themselves comprise multiple game genres, including fan favorites such as board games, map adventure games, role-playing games (RPGs), and high-demand games such as first-person shooter (FPS) games. Or a battle royale MOBA game. These games and their territories are determined by both players and developers and focus on ‘contribute and earn’, the main philosophy the project promises to uphold with its triple token system. .

The main tokens that sustain its blockchain gaming ecosystem are: Governance Token BOUNTYKINDS World DAO ($BKWD). Utility Token ($YU); Forbidden Fruit Energy Token ($FFE). Both of his latter two tokens are listed on multiple platforms and currently BOUNTY KINDS Official Site Or a token platform such as PancakeSwap.

The world of BOUNTYKINDS is determined by this unique achievement system where every contribution to the game is quantified and quantified. This number determines the value of complex rewards that come with playing the game. BOUNTYKINDS’ goal is to bring together gamers from different cultures, whether they are in the real world or in the blockchain space.

This is your last chance to get exclusive NFTs before the alpha test starts, so don’t miss it!

BOUNTYKINDS Public Sale NFT Package List

1) Blue Character Sphere x3 & Blue Weapon Sphere x3 & 1 Alpha Ticket +100FFE (Energy Token)

2) Blue Character Sphere & Blue Weapon Sphere

3) Blue Character Sphere & Yellow Weapon Sphere

4) Blue Character Sphere and Green Weapon Sphere

5) Blue Chara Sphere x3

Game Essentials: Alpha Ticket

Alpha tickets are like keys to the game. Without it, the BOUNTYKINDS gaming experience cannot begin. If you don’t have an alpha ticket, you’ll have to wait until the beta phase or the official release of the game. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the character NFTs you own. As one of the many Alpha player perks, joining the Alpha version will benefit from higher quest rewards and better item drops.

Game Essentials: Character Spheres

Spheres are gacha item NFTs unique to the BOUNTYKINDS universe. These spheres can be thrown into gacha (wormholes) to summon character NFTs and weapon NFTs. The color of the sphere determines the rarity of the NFTs that come out of it. Characters and weapons add a whole new dimension to gameplay.


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