Polygon Labs has announced that it has open sourced its Web3 identity solution. March 1st.

Polygon first announced a set of tools in March 2022 and has been releasing them for over a year. This toolset allows developers to leverage zero-knowledge proofs (or zk proofs) to manage a user’s credentials and her identity in a private way.

Polygon said the toolset was previously available in a more limited fashion, but today’s open-source release makes the suite “fully self-service.” Anyone using this toolset can now act as a Web3 ID issuer or owner.

Among other things, this toolset allows developers to use off-chain data (such as government IDs, driver’s licenses, and similar documents) for on-chain verification.

This means Polygon’s identity tools are useful for a wide variety of organizations and applicable in many more situations. Polygon highlighted the fact that its identity toolset can be applied to his KYC verification, e-commerce, passwordless login, mobile game registration, undersecured lending, and DAO management.

The company also noted that the public release introduces four new tools aimed at identity verifiers, identity issuers, wallet builders and developers respectively.

Polygon has named 19 projects, including the popular blockchain game The Sandbox. These projects already take advantage of the Identity Toolset.

Several other crypto-related projects are working on separate decentralized identity toolkits. These efforts include Jack Dorsey’s “Web5” project, Microsoft’s ION ID system for Bitcoin, and Circle’s Verite ID system for Ethereum.

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