Polygon Labs has announced an AI assistant called Polygon Copilot. June 21st.

The company said Polygon Copilot was trained in protocol documentation. Personas are provided that can explain this information to users with varying levels of knowledge.

The app offers ‘beginner’ and ‘advanced’ modes for teaching different topics. Additionally, it offers a “degen” mode that provides insights and analytics related to NFTs, DeFi and wallets. This mode writes with “sense”. That is, more precisely speaking in memes.

Users can also tell Polygon Copilot to mint zkEVM and Proof of Stake (POS) based NFTs from within the Assistant’s chat interface.

Try Polygon Copilot’s Pace

During CryptoSlate’s testing, Polygon Copilot was able to estimate a market cap close to MATIC’s actual dollar market cap upon request. When asked for the balance of the MATIC address, it was not returned. Instructions were provided on how to find that balance, albeit via a CLI app rather than an online block explorer.

Polygon said it limits the number of requests users can send to prevent spam. However, he said users can get more credits through referrals and partner offers. Polygon Copilot’s settings indicate that credits are updated daily. User can also enter his own OpenAI API to get unlimited credits.

Polygon Copilot utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-4, but the configuration indicates that other versions of GPT can also be used. This app was built by a company called Layer-E.

Other crypto platforms offer AI chatbots

Polygon is the newest company to launch an AI assistant. On June 20th, Avalanche announced its own chatbot called “AvaGPT”.

Other AI crypto assistants include Binance’s Teacher chatbot, Solana’s ChatGPT plugin, Crypto.com’s Amy chatbot, ByBit’s ToolsGPT, and more.

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