Polygon Labs has announced a 19% reduction in its workforce, impacting 60 employees across various departments.

The decision, announced by CEO Marc Boiron in an internal memo on Feb. 1, is part of the company’s broader strategy to realign its focus on core projects and accelerate its mission in the web3 ecosystem.

Staff cuts

Despite the company’s success, Boiron said that rapid expansion during the last bull market led to increased bureaucracy, diluting the agility and focus needed to pursue its ambitious goals.

Boiron said the layoffs are not motivated by financial concerns, and the decision was influenced by the need for strategic resizing to bolster performance. He regretted the layoffs and said it was a “difficult but necessary decision.”

The CEO added that the company is committed to supporting the affected employees, who will receive two months of severance and continued health benefits, alongside support for finding new opportunities within the web3 space. Polygon Labs is facilitating this transition by sharing professional profiles of affected employees with its network based on individual consent.

Silver linings

In addition to the staff cuts, Polygon Labs announced positive changes for the remaining team members, including a minimum 15% increase in total compensation retroactive to Jan.1, 2024, and the introduction of a streamlined leveling system to eliminate traditional geo-pay models. These measures aim to recognize the value of each employee and attract top talent globally.

The restructuring extends beyond personnel changes. Polygon Ventures and Polygon ID, two pivotal arms of the organization, are transitioning into independent entities. This strategic move is designed to sharpen the focus of Polygon Labs on core protocol development while allowing these offshoots to thrive with dedicated resources and specialized teams.

Boiron remains optimistic about the future, emphasizing the talent and commitment of the Polygon Labs team and the broader community’s support. He highlighted the strategic focus on developing interconnected networks and contracts to enhance blockchain use cases.

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