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  • Eli Tan worked for cryptocurrencies at Goldman Sachs for seven years and at Binance before taking up his current position at Philippines-based exchange
  • He joined host Dan Ashmore on the podcast to talk about the move and how the pandemic and current bear market have changed his attitude towards his decision.
  • The Duo Will Also Discuss Crypto In The Philippines, A Market Famous For Embracing The Early World Of Blockchain

The world of cryptocurrencies is still a wild west landscape. Indeed, compared to traditional finance with its buttoned-up suits, tight regulations, and decades of history, cryptocurrencies are complete rebels.

This was reinforced in this week’s podcast. I interviewed Elijah Tang, who had great confidence in quitting his job at Goldman Sachs and jumping into the world of blockchain.

After going undercover at Binance, he is now the Vice President of Operations for Philippines-based exchange

It was an interesting conversation with someone who quipped how “brows were raised” to jumping on cryptocurrencies during the COVID pandemic, before they entered the mainstream.

Of course, since the pre-pandemic era, cryptocurrencies have been on a roller coaster ride. Eli talks about what this has been like and how the current bear market is impacting coins and other exchanges.

We also discussed the different regulatory environment in the Philippines. Clearly, the recent US rollout has had a major impact on both the exchange and the space as a whole. His epic implosion of FTX in November showed just how wild cryptocurrencies can be, and his recent shutdown of BinanceUSD is the latest signal that lawmakers are cracking down on the sector. .

Elsewhere, the Philippines was well known for adopting a play-to-one (P2E) model, especially as blockchain games exploded in 2021. But we’ve seen the numbers fall off the cliff with P2E. So we covered Eli’s thoughts on how this has affected overall attitudes towards coins and domestic cryptocurrencies.

A bear market has also emerged and hearing Eli talk about how attitudes have changed throughout the pandemic and subsequent bear market, about his rebellious move away from comfortable tradfi restrictions and towards cryptocurrencies. was attractive.

If you’re thinking about moving to cryptocurrencies, Eli’s thoughts might be of interest!

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