byte cityis a Metaverse social entertainment giant focused on digital memorabilia, committed to positioning itself as a pioneering watering hole for prominent brands and celebrities looking to enhance fan engagement. increase.One notable guest of honor is a one-of-a-kind martial arts hero Bruce Lee.

Half a century after Lee’s tragic death, fans will be able to interact with the masters of war in the Byte City metaverse starting July 20th. It’s the perfect time for all of Lee’s fans to come together and reflect on the legend’s enduring philosophy and legacy through immersive social. Experience — Engrave all your good luck forever on the blockchain while participating in an engaging digital extravaganza.

unite bruce lee fans

Since the unveiling of Bruce Lee’s 50th birthday event at BYTE CITY, many fans have gathered to share their thoughts and feelings about the long-awaited virtual world that pays tribute to Hong Kong’s outstanding martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee. expressing emotions. Even Lee’s daughter can’t wait to cherish her father’s long-term impact on blockchain and his bond with other admirers.

“BYTE CITY provides a unique platform to honor my father’s legacy. This is a heartwarming tribute to his memory and a vibrant way to perpetuate his spirit,” Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee commented in a press release.

Carrying on the momentum from the announcement, BYTE CITY is on a roll, with Cordell Broades, son of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, and BYTE CITY’s Chief Cultural Officer endorsing the sentiment, joining Lee’s Metaverse. emphasized the impact and donations of , says:

“Bruce Lee remains a beacon for countless enthusiasts around the world, and his artistry and wisdom still resonate across generations. BYTE CITY welcomes Bruce Lee to BYTE CITY I am thrilled to be there.”

Watch out for more exciting virtual spaces and social opportunities to be revealed as the Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary event at the BYTE CITY Metaverse is one of many great opportunities for community engagement .

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