Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3) declared a project aimed at solving the problem of traversing the metaverse. Located in Zug, Switzerland, the association is a consortium of leading Metaverse companies united by a common vision. The group’s mission focuses on creating standards and infrastructure that will ultimately pave the way for user-controlled and user-owned virtual worlds. In pursuing this vision, OMA3 announced: interworld portal system (IWPS) project.

Metaverse portalization and mapping

According to OMA3, currently the most active group is the Portal and Mapping Working Group (PMWG). The group argues that the portal could completely reshape how we interact with the Metaverse, resulting in a more immersive, accessible, and engaging digital realm. Additionally, it could open up new avenues for software developers to monetize. However, despite the promising prospects, hurdles such as complexity and interoperability must be overcome.

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According to OMA3, the Metaverse Portal is poised to be the next major technological advancement in a long game of transformational innovation. Railroads and highways integrating physical locations, HTTP-like portals connecting digital databases have the potential to create links between diverse metaverse environments. These digital “transport” gateways enable users to move between different metaverse platforms, ultimately improving accessibility and user engagement.

Dig deeper into the interworld portal system

The proposed Inter-World Portaling System (IWPS) serves as a solution for navigating the complex landscape of the metaverse. This is not just a normal teleportation method. IWPS is designed to facilitate international travel. In practice, this means users can move between different metaverse platforms. Iconic platforms like Alien Worlds, Alice in My Neighborhood, and The Sandbox all have the potential to become part of this interconnected network.

IWPS by OMA3 has the potential to redefine intra-world teleportation systems and extend their capabilities to encompass different worlds as well as locations within the same world.

A Few of OMA3 Members

Portal goals for OMA3

The system OMA3 is developing aims to be intuitive, cross-platform, flexible and performant, thereby improving the user experience within the metaverse. It is intended to streamline user interaction and simplify processes such as sign-on, platform launch, and user setup. The Metaverse platform is built on a diverse technology stack, so a truly universal portal system must support all possibilities.

Additionally, OMA3 recognizes that portal systems must be flexible enough to support different levels of Web3 adoption and respect the peculiarities of each platform without confusing users. . Finally, system performance is very important. Metrics such as throughput, latency, reliability, uptime, and resistance to DDoS attacks are important considerations, along with maintaining user privacy and ensuring broad interoperability.

However, OMA3 and its IWPS goals represent the collective effort of the creators behind the Web3 metaverse platform. Its purpose is focused on facilitating a high level of interoperability between virtual lands, digital assets, ideas and services across various platforms while maintaining transparency for all communities involved. They maintain an open door policy and welcome all builders in the Web3 metaverse to join their efforts.

With this audacious project, OMA3 sets the stage for an interactive and interconnected metaverse, underpinning vast possibilities for Web3 and metaverse development. Their pioneering approach to interworld portal systems has the potential to change the way we explore and navigate the digital realm of the metaverse, and we look forward to following the progress of the project.

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