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Non-exchange ETH supply exceeds 25M after 7 years

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The supply of non-exchange-held Ethereum (ETH) surpassed 25 million on February 25, according to Santiment Insights.

According to Santiment Insights, 2016 was the last time non-exchange wallets exceeded 25 million. I got itThis marks the weekend of February 25-26, when the increase broke a seven-year record.

ETH supply held by higher addresses (Source: Sentiment Insights)
Supply of ETH held by top addresses (Source: Santiment Insights)

The yellow part of the chart above represents the supply of ETH stored in non-exchange wallets. The chart reflects a significant peak in supply on February 25, which brought the supply to nearly 26 million. As of February 26, the total pool held by non-swapped addresses has reached 24.73 million.

Since September 2022, the supply held in non-exchange wallets has steadily increased. Meanwhile, the amount of ETH stored in exchange wallets has decreased significantly since late October 2022.

whale address

Despite an increase in the supply of non-switched addresses, data show that the number of large whale addresses has declined since December 2021.

ETH Whale Address (Source: Sentiment Insights)
ETH Whale Address (Source: Santiment Insights)

According to the data, the number of whale addresses in September 2021 was about 4860. As of February 26, this number is 1637, down 66%.

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